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    How to ensure the curtains installation secure? Selection of quality curtain rods is the key

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    With hard-packed entering the closing stages, all owners will consider matters such as curtains. To ensure the curtains installed stable, easy to use, it will have to pay attention to the selection and installation of curtain rods. Here to see curtain rod along with the small purchase installation notes.

    Choose Start from understanding curtain rod classified knowledge

    People tend to pay attention to selection of curtains and ignore the selection of curtain rods. On market variety of curtains, curtain rods, too, if they wanted curtain rods quality, style is not appropriate, then eventually quiet curtain effect is also worrying. We have to know about curtain rods the basic classification of knowledge.

    1, category one: light vs dark rod

    Curtain rod according to can be seen can be divided into the rising stem and dark bar in two, Ming can see color, decoration, decorative effect is quite prominent. Install valves become the main selection of curtain installation.

    And dark curtains are often boxes, curtain boxes come in two forms: one room has ceiling, curtains should be concealed in the ceiling box, complete in the ceiling at the top; the other is the room without ceiling, curtain boxes to the wall, and window frames as a whole.

    2, category II: single vs dual

    Curtain rod according to the structure can be divided into single and double-track rail, as the name implies, single can only hang a curtain, and two-track can be mounted on both sides, installing screens and installing thick curtains, easy to use. Owners according to their own choice.

    3 the material, curtain rod

    Curtain rod material in aluminum, iron, solid wood, different products in terms of price varies, ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of recommended window to select better, because for a long time, some inferior product tends to get bad influence, or even personal injury.

    Aluminium Windows to buy

    Aluminum window bars are common in the market window Rod material, focus on when buying window wall, great wall is relatively thick to 1.5MM-2MM; Secondly, ring pull design, poor using recycled plastic pull rings, rough manufacturing process.

    Wooden window bars to buy

    Wooden window bars common color variety, by type-transparent-color and cover two, basically depends on the surface, smooth, paint is uniform, decoration such as head shape is symmetrical, solid wood decorative Rails with silencers and two without a silencer. If opening and closing more recommended with silencers.

    Iron window bars to buy

    Iron window bars surface treatment coating, electroplating. Main view of coating and plating quality when purchasing, mount the plate thickness, and the thickness of the pipe wall.

    Part2: installation ready to install curtain rods do not worry

    Rising stem and dark pole installation method makes little difference, basically according to the Assembly, positioning and fixing process. We'll see curtain rod installed below the General processes and methods.

    1 way to hang curtains, curtain rod

    Curtain rod into a loop for hanging and not hanging ring. Has a loop for hanging curtain rods to hang by straps directly processing curtains, curtains directly mounted on four-foot hook to hang on the line.

    Instead of hanging loop for hanging curtain rods are mainly used for drilling machining or wear Rod curtains. Has a loop for hanging curtain rods prior to installation, you need to assemble.

    2, determine the installation of curtain rod height and width

    Curtain rods prior to installation, you first need to determine its location. The installation height and width. The width of the curtain rod can be decided by the width of the window, more than 20-30cm width on either side of the window. Curtain rod mounting height has clear and dark bars are different, screw mounting height in the Middle above the ceiling to the window frame, dark bar in the box at the top of the curtain, or side-mounted box any parts of the window blinds.

    3, positioning drilling

    Taking into account the fixed firmly to avoid fixed spacing is too large will not bear rally, first calculate distance, generally fixed separation distance less than 50cm, then draws the line. Set the installation location, you need to drill and fill in the expansion screw. If it is wood base, you do not need to drill, can be directly fixed with self-tapping screws.

    4, the installation of curtain rods

    Roman position after playing a few holes, it can be fixed, and then place the rod in the installation.

    And if there is the curtain rail, are simply assembled curtain rail with side yards or a number that fixed to the wall or ceiling.

    Part3: ensure that installed curtain rod installation notes

    Install curtain rods may be a trivial matter, but the perfect home improvement by doing innumerable things accumulated. To ensure that the installation results, and installing curtain rods do not forget to include the following items.

    1, see different ways of connection

    If the walls are wood, just installing the track screws directly on the position of the Board.

    If the walls are cement, need electric drill to punch holes in position, then knocked in special nylon expandable tubular, screw plug again into the special nylon expansion tube tighten.

    2, linked to the drapes installation notes

    If using curtain hooks of the way, you can use different installation methods for linking to form different curtain pleats. However need to be aware of is the distance between linked to the drapes as evenly as possible, first calculate; Rusty hook is found immediately replaced, otherwise the curtains. In actual use, you can adjust the number of pins inserted into the slot, or 3, or 4; You can adjust the interval between each two hooks linked with slots, so you can adjust the effective width of the curtain.

    3, the installation to ensure that strong

    Don't installation up, didn't long on off down has, this on bad has, so, installation of when note selected and pole phase match of bracket, if bracket too small, may bracket easy damaged, on the, too small of bracket and wall of contact surface will smaller, installation nut of number or nut of size on will by limit, such on easy makes installation of curtains Rod not steady.

    4, ensure that the standard and level

    Curtain rod length should be greater than the window width to avoid leak; Curtain rod installed horizontally, on foot if necessary monitor flat curtain rod installed unfair.

    5, curtain rod installation time

    Best choice for driving a shortage of new homes later or install curtain rods before making the last time cleaning, load too early on the curtain rod will fall on thick dust filled too late for cleaning White did. While the Roman rods and Curtains fitted with the best, and the curtain rail can be installed in advance, the best fitting when considering installations, rail.

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